Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New CrossEyed Motorcycle Art Book. 
The EVIL GOSPEL is a feast of 237 high quality pages of motorcycle eye candy complete with all the unplugged stories behind the paint. This book has the most badass, award winning, custom paint seen at bike shows.
The Evil Gospel offers some "how to's" but it is not a "how to's" book. Never before seen articles develop a Cross-Eyed manifesto that addresses the bigger picture that most artists struggle with like: client interaction, creativity, budgets, artistic license, quality etc. An enjoyable sacrifice of time and expense spanning two-and-a-half years went into this independent creation. If you like bikes and/or art this is a must have. "Being independent allowed me a motley, uncensored approach to writing, content and design. This contains adult content and, with any luck, may offend"

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